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Best Tool for QWET Tincture - Clean and Golden

Recently I started making #QWET at home, and I enjoyed how clean the #QWET method gives me using the ecru kit. Personal preference I like herbs with no taste, and I start testing how I incorporate #QWET into my tincture making.

For anyone who doesn't know what QWET is, it's an ethanol quick wash/ice-cold wash method before making concentrates. For homemade QWET, I placed buds and the alcohol in the freezer overnight before extraction. QWET is a clean extraction, as icy-cold ethanol absorbs only the compound you need. Still, not other soluble like chlorophyll and plant alkaloids, as well as the plant waxes and vegetable oil - this is superb.

"CBD is hands-down the most health-conscious solution for older men and women" - Dr. Sanjay Gupta

As a #greenthumb, I have a microscope in my workshop, checking the washed plants. Believe it, or not all trichomes are gone, all washed down by alcohol. It's truly unique.

What's the difference?

Compared to soaking and boiling ethanol or prolonged soaking, QWET is the only method that gives you the golden end product perfect for any drinks, coffee, and edibles. But here comes the question, do I decarb before QWET or after. After several trials, I am here to tell anyone who's reading this post - decarb your plant first if you are making QWET tincture. Or decarb your end product after extraction if you are making QWET #feco. It always worked.

No matter what you are decarbing, this ecru decarb kit always helps. This is the best amazon decarboxylation tool available. For #QWET tincture, I start with decarbing flowers. Mode 1 is what I usually go for. After the kit is cooled down, I put plants with the decarb kit covered and alcohol into the freezer, and I will start my cold wash the next day. Food-grade ethanol and natural spirits like Everclear or spirits (polish vodka) are excellent choices for making tinctures.

And FECO Oil?

Feco oil is even easier; place the face oil on the baking pan - you know how great the pyrex glass is. Bake it for 20 min and check if it's turning light brown.


Making FECO oil at home is not easy but it's rewarding. You can easily incorporate FECO to your drinks and food. Start making your own FECO and you will love it.

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