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The 2021 Ultimate FECO Oil Guide

Anyone who doesn't know what #FECO is stands for full extracted oil, which contains all the compounds I need. As a chronic pain patient and suffering from insomnia, I find FECO to be the most useful homemade product or, to say, edibles daily.

You can also use an oral syringe to make capsules out of made at home FECO. It works great in terms of sleep aids. FECO products can be base material for lots of food and drinks for pain and for sleep.

Megan Rapinoe “CBD has become part of my all-natural recovery system that I use throughout the day to help with pain and inflammation, stabilize my mood and get better sleep. Instead of taking Advil or other pain management meds, I’ve almost exclusively substituted with CBD products”

How to start?

I usually start making my FECO oil by #decarboxylation using a decarb kit. Break the buds apart and gently lay them on the baking glass. I typically go with ecru's first mode, and it works just fine. Wait until everything is cooled down. Buds are lightly brown; nothing turns dark brown or black. I placed them with the pan and my ethanol aside in the freezer overnight.

The next step is QWET - quick wash ethanol.

Tools you will need:

1. The ecru glass pan included in the kit

2. A strainer, preferably steel one

3. Coffee filter

4. A glass jar

5. Portable induction stove

6. A pan that fit the ecru decarb kit glass pan

#QWET #FECO tincture simply means soak and wash the flower 2-3 times. Then steam off the alcohol from the wash. The result will come out golden - unlike the green dragon people usually make. It tastes flavorless yet preserves all the goodies in the syrup-like remanence.

NOTE: While making a QWET FECO tincture, remember not to put the liquid close to the stovetop as it has a fire hazard.


FECO oil might sound unfamiliar to cannabis users. But in fact, this is a clean version of homemade concentrates you can easily get and turn into food or drinks. It might take some steps to make, but the result is rewarding.

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