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How to Decarboxylate Hash - the 2021 Guide

What is Hash?

Hash are trichomes from cannabis flowers. It's produced by collecting and compressing trichomes from the ripe cannabis flower. It's one of the most potent forms of cannabis product. There are two main kinds of Hash - dry sifts Hash and ice water hash. Hashish comes with a different texture. You might get something like a solid rock or loosely rolled hash ball. No matter what form you are getting, the potency of Hash is ensured - it's one of the highest.

Why do you need to decarboxylate Hash?

If you want to vape discreetly, decarboxylated Hash will smell way less compared to fresh Hash. For canna chefs, Hash is clean, and the ideas are tremendous. The main compound of Hash are trichomes, resin and cannabinoids.

By grating your Hashish very fine, decarbed it, you can simply sprinkle to food just like regular seasoning. If you don't like the chlorophyll taste, infusing butter with Hash will make it psychoactive but not smelly. Decarbed Hash means excellent ideas in food and drink.

Here are the steps of hash decarboxylation:
  • What you will need:

  • Hash and pollen of the train you like

  • Baking glass pan from #ECRUDecarb or #Activator

  • Grater

  • Oven

Method using ECRU Decarb Kit
Step 1: Calibrate Your Oven
  1. Set your desired mode using 4 preset modes. If you are making CBN, CBG potency herb.

  2. Preheat your oven with the sensor probe before decarb. Make sure you DO NOT place the LCD display in the oven.

  3. Check your oven temperature. If the temperature reading on the thermometer differs from your oven setting, raise or lower your oven temperature to compensate. For example, your setting is 260°F, but the thermometer reads 250°F, which means your oven is lower than your preset temperature. For decarb, you would increase your oven temperature.

NOTE: It's common for your oven to fluctuate by + 30°F and – 30°F. That's because oven cycles turn on and off for a total range of 60°F.

Step 2: Decarb Your Herb
  1. After preheating, spread herb evenly in the glass pane, and press the silicone lid top down on all sides to seal.

  2. Insert the temperature probe into the socket on the right side of the device.

  3. Bake on the center oven rack for even heating. Do NOT exceed recommended durations.

  4. When you put your decarb box with herbs in the oven, your glass pan will take some time to reach the desired temperature. The preset timer will start the countdown once the preset temperature has reached. Once the process is done, the alarm will sound.

With ECRU Activator, the steps are much simplified.
Method using ECRU Decarb Activator
  1. Load the canister up with herb. The Max capacity of the canister is 2 oz.

  2. Put the cover lid onto the aluminum canister and lock the activator.

  3. Power it up.

  4. Press the TMP to select time and temperature. Press to adjust time and temperature.

  5. The decarb cycle will start in 10s automatically once the mode is set.

  6. Once preheat has been completed, the countdown will start automatically.

  7. When the process is completed, you will sound "beep."

Note: Ensure your herb is completely dry; otherwise, the lid will open during decarb.

After the herb is decarbed, simply spread it on top of your food, make it a capsule, or soak it with alcohol of your choice. Dosing options can be creative and numerous. ECRU gives all possibilities to bring cannabis into your daily lifestyle.

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Decarb Hashish is always a great way no matter you want to vape discreetly or interested having a simpler yet potent way of ingesting cannabinoid. Roll up your sleeves and give it a try. You will be amazed how amazing it is.

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