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The Extremely Easy to Make Canna Sugar Recipe

Making cannabutter might sound too complicated to beginners, and it's way too many steps to follow. We get you! That's why canna sugar is great. Adding cannabis-infused sugar can turn your drinks or milk into a great drink. Now just roll up your sleeves and take a dive into the world of cannabis sugar making.

Note: For an advanced recipe, choose a strain that fits you the best. The strains you can use are up to you, and it's entirely up to you based on your taste, tolerance, and the effects you want to experience. However, it is highly recommended to use sweet strains with a fruity profile. Below is a list of strains I would recommend for starters.

  1. Rocket Pop. Feeling sleepy. High in caryophyllene.

  2. Blue Ice. Feeling giggly. High in limonene.

  3. Faygo Red Pop. Feeling giggly. High in myrcene.

  4. Ice Bomb. Feeling euphoric. High in myrcene.

  5. Gelato #3. Feeling euphoric. High in caryophyllene.

  6. Sundae Supreme #9. Feeling uplifted. High in caryophyllene.

  7. Sweet Pie. Feeling aroused. High in myrcene.

  8. Tropicana Banana. Feeling aroused. High in pinene.

  9. Divine Storm. Feeling sleepy. High in limonene.

What you need for the cannabis infused sugar:

  • ECRU Decarb Kit

  • 3-5 grams cannabis 

  • 1 cup of everclear

  • 1 cup white sugar

  • Cheesecloth 

  • Mason jar

Step 1: Decarb the flower

"The Decarb Kit is simple to use and has minimal smell!" - Carter Hickey
  1. Decarb the bud. Use #EcruDecarb 's preset mode. Preheat your oven to preset. Place cannabis buds on ECRU Decarb Kit glass pan. Cover the glass pan with smell proof silicone lid. Insert the thermometer sensor stick to the center of the lid. Insert the kit set into the oven. Set thermometer to any mode you want. When the micro temperature inside the glass box reached preset, the countdown will start automatically. Wait for the alarm to sound and your decarboxylation cycle is done.

Other Steps:

  1. Grind. Grind the decarbed flower with grinder.

  2. Add the cannabis. Add in your grounded flower to the pan.

  3. Freeze the alcohol and flower. Cover the cannabis with the Everclear and #EcruDecarb glass with lid. Shaking for a few minutes and place the glass pan with lid into fridge overnight. Alcohol is a very broad solvent to lipid and fat, by freezing the mixture you can minimize lipid and fat dissolution to your end product.

  4. Strain the everclear. Strain the Everclear through a cheesecloth into a bowl and discard the flower.

  5. Preheat Oven. Set oven to 93°C/200°F

  6. Add sugar. Put sugar to everclear mixture and place the pan into oven. Check sugar every 30 minutes until all alcohol evaporated.

  7. Let cool. Wait until the sugar cooled down and break any large pieces.

  8. Storage. Place sugar into airtight container. Consume the sugar within 7 days.

  9. Dose carefully. Please refer to any dosing information from chart below and the strain you picked. An overdose on THC from an edible can be very uncomfortable and cause serious psychological and physical side effects.

Tips for dosing edibles

Your edibles' potency depends on factors, from strain you choose, to storage, or even how long and what temperature you treated the strain. For safe dosing, try to spread 1/4 teaspoon on a snack and see how that dose affects you after an hour. First time users must be very careful with dosing.


Canna sugar is easy to make and store. It's also a great way to incorporate into daily food and drinks, just like regular sugar. If you are suffering from chronic pain or seeking some relief, canna sugar might be your go-to option. So give it a try and leave comments below!

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