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The Extremely Easy to Make Canna Sugar Recipe

Making cannabutter might sound too complicated to beginners, and it's way too many steps to follow. We get you! That's why canna sugar is great. Adding cannabis-infused sugar can turn your drinks or milk into a great drink. Now just roll up your sleeves and take a dive into the world of cannabis sugar making.

Note: For an advanced recipe, choose a strain that fits you the best. The strains you can use are up to you, and it's entirely up to you based on your taste, tolerance, and the effects you want to experience. However, it is highly recommended to use sweet strains with a fruity profile. Below is a list of strains I would recommend for starters.

  1. Rocket Pop. Feeling sleepy. High in caryophyllene.

  2. Blue Ice. Feeling giggly. High in limonene.

  3. Faygo Red Pop. Feeling giggly. High in myrcene.

  4. Ice Bomb. Feeling euphoric. High in myrcene.

  5. Gelato #3. Feeling euphoric. High in caryophyllene.

  6. Sundae Supreme #9. Feeling uplifted. High in caryophyllene.

  7. Sweet Pie. Feeling aroused. High in myrcene.

  8. Tropicana Banana. Feeling aroused. High in pinene.

  9. Divine Storm. Feeling sleepy. High in limonene.

What you need for the cannabis infused sugar:

  • ECRU Decarb Kit

  • 3-5 grams cannabis 

  • 1 cup of everclear

  • 1 cup white sugar

  • Cheesecloth 

  • Mason jar

Step 1: Decarb the flower

"The Decarb Kit is simple to use and has minimal smell!" - Carter Hickey