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Back to Basics: How to Decarb Kief at Home? [2021 Updates]

It is no secret that raw marijuana isn’t going to give you the high that you are looking for quickly. As much as natural weed can give you that effect, it comes at a price. After all, it will mean taking a considerable amount of weed to get it. That’s why it is always advisable to consider decarboxylation.

Once you decarb your cannabis, you can rest assured that you will get the most out of it, especially when making edibles. However, that will only happen upon decarbing it perfectly, and that’s what this article is all about. We will also be focussing on kief for a reason. So, let’s dive into learning how to decarb kief at home for excellent results. Read on!

What is Cannabis Kief?

Kief is a substance that comes from the amber-coloured or milky white trichome glands on cannabis stems, leaves, and flowers. They are sticky and always considered marijuana pollen. Weed uses it as a defence mechanism to deter any predator from feeding on it. That’s because of the sensory experience an animal experiences upon trying to provide on kief or marijuana in general. That said and done, it is essential to note that kief also has a potent level that any stoner would appreciate.

Why is Kief a Good Choice?

There is a long list of your options regarding cannabis ingredients, especially when making edibles. If that’s the case, why choose kief among other ingredients? The first reason is you need not inhale burned materials or smoke into your lungs for the high effect.

Secondly, the level of THC is relatively high. For example, one option of creating marijuana edibles is the cannabis flower. Its level of HTC mostly ranges between 15% and 25%. On the other hand, the stories in kief are 70% and above. The figures indeed speak volumes of kief being the better option, especially when looking for a high effect. The perfect product for relaxation and relief needs quite a high dose, and kief fits that purpose excellently. Interestingly, you don’t even have to take a lot of kief for a better high.

How to Get Kief

Now that you understand what kief is, you have a rough idea of how to get it. The process involves grinding marijuana into flakes. Next, use a sifter to separate kief from the rest of the ground parts of the plant. That’s how you end up having your kief.

How to Decarb Kief at Home

Now let’s get to the good part of preparing your kief for making marijuana edibles. We will be discussing how to carry out kief decarboxylation. Remember its importance which is converting THCA (THC-acid) into THC. If you want to make cannabis edibles, you have to decarb the kief, or you can as well forget its psychoactive effects despite ingesting them.

While decarbing kief at home, you don’t have to struggle with decarboxylating this cannabis ingredient. On the contrary, you can always go for machines. Excellent examples are the ECRU Decarb Kit and Activator. You don’t have to worry about getting it right when using them.

The manufacturer knows that you can’t afford to get it wrong during the decarboxylation of your fantastic ingredient. The designers know all too well that even the slightest mistake when decarbing kief is enough to ruin everything. Let’s take a look at how to go about it when using these amazing machines.

Decarboxylation of Kief at home using the ECRU Decarb Kit

The process involves two steps, and they are as follows:

Step 1: Set Your Oven

  1. You have up to 4 preset oven modes to choose from when decarbing your kief. Every mode means setting your oven to a specific temperature and leads to a different result. Therefore, select one wisely if you want to get your desired effect.

  2. Then, start heating your oven

  3. Ensure that the preset and the current temperature of your oven are alike. If that’s not the case, increase or decrease it depending on whether the oven temperature is higher or lower.

Step 2: Decarb Your Kief

  1. Once the temperature you had preset matches your oven, go ahead and place your kief on the glass pane. Spread it evenly for great results.

  2. After that, seal it by placing the silicon lid on it. Ensure that it is entirely sealed by pressing all the side

  3. Find the socket that’s usually on the device’s right side and insert your temperature probe. It ensures that you keep track of the temperature at all times.

  4. Place your kief on the centre rack to ensure that it heats evenly. You don’t want to bake it longer than the recommended one because the results won’t be good at all.

  5. Give the glass pan time to reach the required time.

  6. Once that happens, expect the countdown of your preset timer to start

  7. Finally, the alarm will go off, informing you that your kief is ready.

How to Decarb Kief at Home using the ECRU Decarb Activator

If you choose to go for the activator, follow the following steps.

  1. Place your kief in the canister

  2. Place its cover lid on top before locking the activator

  3. Turn on its power

  4. Select the temperature and time by pressing the TMP. Keep pressing if you choose to adjust either

  5. Upon setting the mode, expect the decarbing to begin automatically within the next 10 seconds

  6. Once preheat is over, the countdown starts automatically

  7. At last, you will hear a beep sound that will mark the end of your process

Final Words

The piece has indeed talked a lot about kief, including its definition and source. It is also clear that decarbing is an essential step in preparing your kief for making marijuana edibles. Fortunately, you can always use the machines discussed above for the best decarboxylation. Follow the steps above, and your kief will give you the high effect you are looking for, no doubt.

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