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10 Recipe of Weed Peanut Butter Every Stoner Wants to Know

Looking for new ways to enjoy edibles at home? Upgrading your favorite classic treats with cannabis infusion is what you need. The best way to begin your experimenting is to mix your weed peanut butter to make edibles. This irresistible dessert is what you can share with friends.

All ten following recipe doesn't require much effort, just the basic cooking skills and materials you might already have.

Before heading into turning your classic snacks into edibles, we shall begin with making weed peanut butter. Below are three ways I make my cannabis cannabutter, and it's super easy to turn every cannabis product you have to deliciously high canna-peanut-butter

How to make weed peanut butter using flower and bud

Please refer to my article on Decarb Basics to prep your bud and flower. And refer to Cannabutter Recipe to make cannabutter. For the vegan option, please refer to Canna Coconut Oil Recipe.

Flower and bud are the classic ingredients everyone's talking about when making #cannabutter. But here I would like to introduce you to a method I found recently.

  • Put dried, roasted peanut in your food processor, blend for a few minutes until the mixture becomes peanut chunks.

  • Add cannabutter or canna coconut oil up to your dosage, blend for a few minutes until mixtures become a smooth paste.

  • Add more butter, salt and season to your taste.

It's better than store-bought!

How to make weed peanut butter using kief and hash